2022 Seoul, Korea Family Trip Itinerary

Our five day trip to Seoul, South Korea was our first international family trip since the pandemic.

In the two years that had passed, Paul had turned from a crawling infant to a walking, talking pre-schooler. Hannah had learned to read, and Mati moved up from kindergarten and was entering Grade 1.

Why Korea?

We won a contest sponsored by BonChon Chicken Philippines last year, and the prize was a 4D/3N trip for four. Since there were still travel restrictions, we chose to get the cash equivalent, with a plan to just go on our own when things get better. (And we are a family of five, after all hehe. Can’t leave Paul.)

When Korea opened up with a lot of conditions, we took the chance and didn’t regret it. Seoul is one of the most kid-friendly and tourist-friendly places for a young family.

Here is our rough itinerary below. I will include the links to the specific locations/activities once they have been uploaded:

Day 1

Afternoon flight from Manila to Seoul

Arrived at Seoul 7pm

Took the mandatory PCR test for everyone at the testing center just outside the airport doors (cross the sidewalk and choose between the east or west testing center). Note: the test is a bit steep at about 80,000 krw per person (approx P3,300, kids not exempted) but it also made us feel safer traveling around the city.

Ate dinner at the airport, we booked a private van and checked in to our hotel at Hotel 28 Myeongdong. More about the hotel in future posts, cannot recommend it enough!

Day 2

Seoul Grand Children’s Park (Playground)

Seoul Grand Children’s Park (Zoo)

Seoul Children’s Museum

Watch 8pm Nanta Show

Day 3

Morning at Gyeongbukgang Palace

Afternoon around Myeongdong

Night time at DDP

Day 4

Starfield Library and COEX Aquarium

Seoul Children’s Grand Park (South Entrance)

Seoul Children’s Grand Park Amusement Park

Day 5

Double Deck Hop On Hop Off

Seoul Namsan Tower

Fly Home

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