2022 Sheraton Staycation with Kids: 5 Favorite Memories (and Tips!)

Kid-Friendliest Hotel So Far

In a city where there’s a new hotel popping up, what makes the Sheraton different?

It’s one of the most kid-friendly hotels, for one! We casually mentioned that our Paul was graduating from his toddler class and they surprised him with a yummy chocolate cake (which he readily shared with his siblings!) Thank you Sheraton for your thoughtfulness!

One-of-a-Kind View

Sheraton Manila is the only 5-star hotel that has an airport view. The glass is soundproof, so you just get a great visual of airplanes landing and taking off on the left, and a steady stream of airplanes lined up near the boarding gates.

From the moment we checked-in to the moment we left, the kids were mesmerized and asked us to look up what was the airplane model and make, the length of the airplane and how it matches up to a blue whale in size (haha classic Mati).

Double Bed Option Everytime

For our family of five, we fit perfectly in two Sheraton signature double beds. We all had such a good rest that Albert even checked under the covers to see the where to get the same mattress.

We also let the kids jump to their hearts’ content before dinner time so they can build an appetite and burn excess energy! That way, they stay put in their seats come dinner time hehe.

Give Oori A Try

Oori is such a good find! Albert and I visited this Korean restaurant a few months back and enjoyed the ambiance, food and service so much that we brought the kids here during our stay.

Oori is located at the 2nd floor of Sheraton, so it was very convenient and time-saving when it comes to logistics and getting three young kids get ready for dinner. A lot of the dishes are spicy, so we asked the server to make everything more kid-friendly.

Tummies and hearts full at Oori, Sheraton!

Super Tipid Tip: If you’re a Marriott Club member, you get 25-30% off your food bill and can even use a one-time P1,000 voucher off your total bill. Talk about sulit!

Bring Extra Swim Clothes

Both the swimming pool and kid’s playroom are located at the 3rd floor.

I can honestly say Sheraton’s swimming pool ranks high (or at the top) of all the hotel swimming pools we’ve stayed at. The pool is shaded by the low-rise structure of Sheraton and the neighboring Hilton hotel, so there is a perfect amount of shade and sunlight.

It’s a huge pool, so you don’t have to worry about bumping randomly into anyone. The pool is also filled with salt water and is temperature-controlled. The kids stayed there past sunset and were there first thing in the cool morning.

The kids have a love/hate relationship with that fountain sprayer!
They would go near it to play then laugh and shield themselves when they get too near.

At one end of the pool there is an overhead fountain, water sprinkler and riding toy, with a very alert lifeguard on duty nearby. I really appreciate the lifeguard – he quickly took notice of unaccompanied kids and firmly told the parents that the kids couldn’t swim if there were no guardians there.

For Little & Big Kids

You don’t need to book in advance to use the pool, but Sheraton is stricter when it comes to the play area. Only one family is allowed per hour at the kids room, and it’s worth a visit! There is a slide set, a reading corner and play table, with a TV where you can request for movies to be played.

For the big kids, there are three Playstation gaming consoles with a variety of video games for them to try.

Tip: Even if you’re just going to play video games, everyone (kids and adults) are required to wear socks inside the Kids Play Area.

Sheraton Soon?

So our kids who have been locked down for the past two years had a blast! We had a very generous late checkout, and they couldn’t stop talking about their favorite parts of their stay. One of my kids just exclaimed “All!” and they were excitedly planning their next visit, giving us permission to “work hard so we can go back to hotel again.”

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