I’m Angeli and I’m from the Philippines. I write about business, personal finance, and life at home with my husband, two kids and our household helpers.

What I Do

I am the co-founder and co-owner of Fazup Philippines and Bonjour Baby World. Aside from these roles, I also help with my husband’s construction supply business. I work around 12-15 hours a week depending on the season, and spend the rest of my time running our household and teaching and playing with my kids. I love to run and write as hobbies.

Why “Mom Your Own Business” ?

Mom Your Own Business means so many things to me.

First, I’m a mom first before a business owner.  My priorities are my husband and kids first, then growing our business next.

Second, more often than not, being a mompreneur, running a business also feels having another child, since it requires time, thought, and attention.

And last, mom your own business is just minding your own business – focusing on your own stuff instead of looking over your shoulder (or someone else’s Instagram page) and comparing yourself with them.