2019 Big Bad Wolf: Tips, Book Haul, and Prices

The Big Bad Wolf is Back!

After Big Bad Wolf’s first run here in Manila last year, I was so excited when they announced they would be back this year! We went during the VIP day (thanks for the pass, Sheena!), and the selection this year was even better than last year’s haul!

Here are a few quick tips:

1. Make a List-ish

Since you don’t really know what books will be available at the event, make a list of authors, themes, or topics that you want to focus on. There are so many books in Big Bad Wolf that it can get overwhelming just going through all the sections.

A few days before, I went through our current book collection. Mati only had a few activity books/workbooks/sticker books, so I focused on those sections first.

If you’re going at a later date, you can also check the hashtags of Big Bad Wolf for other people’s buys to see what’s available. Some books sell out quickly though, so you’ll only really know when you’re at the sale.

2. Literally DON’T  judge the book by it’s cover

Most of the books at the sale are sealed, but there are sample copies tagged with orange stickers for you to browse through.

Before you put a book on your cart, check out the sample first to see the inside pages. Last year, I was immediately excited upon seeing interesting/pretty-looking covers that I just mindlessly loaded my cart. Once opened, some books didn’t live up to expectations.

If a book interests you but you can’t find a sample copy, ask one of the BBW staff to open a sealed one for you. They will then place the “Sample” sticker on that copy so that other people can also check out what’s inside. This will save you from regrettable buys.

3. Load your Cart. Edit later.

Since the Big Bad Wolf sale covers such a huge area, it’s easy to forget which area you found a book. You can save more time (and energy) by loading your cart with everything that interests you then edit them out later on. Editing tip: if the queue at the cashier is long, you can use that time to edit your cart and see which books really spark joy.


p.s. I was a bit on the fence about loading carts since it didn’t seem considerate to other people, but Big Bad Wolf allows you to reserve your entire cart and keep it in a special section for 24 hours before they put the books back on display.

4. Time Saver: Bring A Pregnant Friend or a Senior Citizen

No pictures for this. Just want to say that being 14 weeks pregnant, slightly nauseated and bloating finally has it’s perks. There was no wait going inside the hall, lining up at the cashier, or leaving the venue (they have bouncers to check your receipt before leaving).

5. Join the Contest!


Big Bad Wolf has two daily contests that gives P700 worth of vouchers for 10 winners:



They announce winners daily around 12:30 am the next day.

6. Get Something For Yourself

This is mostly a mom post so most of the photos are stuff I was checking for my kids, but make some time also to check out some books for yourself! Before you were a mom, you were a person with interests and hobbies, so make sure you carve out some time to pursue them.

I already bought the Courage to Be Disliked from Book Depository for $10usd! What a steal at BBW for P230 only! The Oprah set I got for a friend was P430!

7. If you really can’t go, “pasabuy”

There are some Instagram accounts (targeting the mom market) that will charge a service fee for buying books for you.

And… Here’s My Haul (with prices!)

Capital (P290)

Where Do Clothes Come From? (P160)

Show+Tell Animal Activities (P190)

Lift the Flap Walk This World At Christmas Time (P350)


My Farm Activities (P190)

Chu’s Day At The Beach (P120)

Snug, Bug, Rug (P160)

Pom Pom Panda (P230)

Alphabet 3-5 Years (P160)

The Lion King (P230)

Flashing Fire Engines Activity Book (P160)

Airport Sticker Adventure (P160)

Milo’s ABC Activity Book (P120)

Peekaboo, Blueberry (P160)

Where’s Teddy (P160)

Wipe Clean I Can Count (P190)


First Time Learning Times Tables (P100)

First Time Learning First Writing (P100)

First Time Learning Numbers (P100)

Math Skills Grade 2 (P160)

Andrew Brodie Basic’s Let’s Do Times Tables (P100)

Wipe Clean I can Count (P190)

Snappy Learner (P120)

First Time Learning Alphabet (P160)

*the more advanced books are pasabuys and gifts for our helpers’ kids. Mati is smart, but not times table smart level yet hehe.


Economyths 11 Ways Economics Gets It Wrong (P230)

Rock Breaks Scissors (P190)

Great Work (P290)

How Google Works (P230)

Leaders Eat Last (P230)

Smarter Faster Better (P290)


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  1. Thanks for the tips, Angeli! Missed it this year, but will certainly take these into consideration for the next BBW. 🙂

  2. Sheena Gonzales says: Reply

    Awesome picks and great tips! Had fun! Let’s do this again next year!

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