ECQ Extended: Discouraged? Drained? Are We Doomed?

The Enhanced Community Quarantine has been extended again to May 15th.

How Are You?

The past 45 days have been a flurry of emotions. I have struggled (and still struggle) with fear – fear of catching the virus, fear for my husband and children, fear for the unknown. I worry about the state of our businesses and our employees. Though we are blessed to be safe at home, I am also concerned about my senior parents, our household helpers who are away from their families, with so many thoughts and “what ifs?” fly in and out throughout the day.

It’s only in the calm of prayer and being in God’s presence that the worries of this sh*tstorm called 2020 melt away. Sharing this prayer from our family to yours.

A Prayer From Our Family To Yours

That in this season of uncertainty, we pray that your home is a safe place for rest, peace and joy.

That in the midst of fear, you will draw near and grow in your faith in the Lord.

We pray that your days will be filled with play and silly jokes,

And you can take time for a break to just let loose and laugh.

We pray as each night comes, you will be embraced with a¬†good night’s sleep.

That though you may encounter discouragement and disappointment, you will not despair, and carry on.

We pray that your children will keep their innocence in these troubled times, and see the strength and hope of Jesus in you.

That your sons and daughters enjoy every free minute with their mommy and daddy,

And that husbands and wives reconnect and renew their commitment to love.

That brothers and sisters may fight and cry, but forge an unbreakable bond in this season that will last a lifetime.

We pray for reconciliation and forgiveness in broken relationships, and the hope that comes with a fresh start and a clean slate.

We pray for God’s overflowing provision for you and your loved ones – for food and shelter, relief. That you will recover whatever has been lost, and everything will be restored in multiples.

We pray that you are empowered to help in whatever way you can, no matter how big or small. A smile, a text, a small tip. Every thing goes a long way, gifting others with the hope of humanity and better days ahead.

God bless you and your family! You are loved!



Photos taken last year by Delightful Little Darlings.

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