A Delightful Family Photo Shoot

I know I’ve said it before after I gave birth to Hannah, but shoti Paul will definitely be our LAST baby na, hehe!

A Delightful Family Photo Shoot

We booked a playhouse session with Delightful Little Darlings (DLD) by Denise Llanos Dee to commemorate our last days as a family of four…and to capture my huge pregnancy belly!

What I love about Delightful Little Darlings is that they’re not your typical studio photographer.  Apart from enjoying our visit to their homey townhouse/studio, they are the loveliest and most passionate group of photographers you’ll ever meet!

Every few months, DLD collaborates with partners to create beautifully-designed sets for maternity and family photoshoots. Dentelle Manila was the stylist for this occasion, with some additional elements from Bonjour Baby and DevDepot.

Such a pretty place isn’t it? It’s a refreshing change from taking selfies at home!

It’s All About Family

I call Denise, the founder and tribe leader of team DLD, the baby (and husband) whisperer! Like most kids, Mati and Hannah take some time in warming up to new places and people. Even with just 20-minutes to to take photographs, I’ve always been delighted with the output!

family photo shoot manila

I love how natural and candid the shots are – the wonder and smiles of chasing bubbles..

together with the joyful energy and bigay na bigay tears that come out when things don’t go as expected.

family photo shoot manila

And remember when I mentioned Den as the husband whisperer?

Denise has shot our engagement shoot, family Christmas photos, and Hannah’s birthday party, and she knows what makes Albert tick!

She’ll just sweetly say, “Albert… smile a bit more! Imagine mo marami kang tiles nabenta!”  And my usually serious husband will gamely pose and smile hehe!

family photoshoot maternity photo shoot manila

God’s Grace in Our Family

And I’m thankful we got the chance to go out for a family photo shoot and have a bit of fun.  Pregnancy is a wonderful gift, but honestly, it can feel really crappy!

Everyone’s pregnancy story is different.

In my case, I got nauseous, felt like vomiting constantly, and ’til now am still taking dozen vitamins/medicines a day to treat hypertension, a thyroid problem, premature contractions. Plus, injecting myself 3x a day to control insulin levels and having to manage two very active (and demanding!) toddlers who want their mom’s attention can wear me down quite quickly!

But looking at these photos humbles and reminds me of how much I’ve been given, and how much I don’t deserve.


We didn’t plan or expect this pregnancy, and it was really a shock for both myself and Albert.  But God confirmed and comforted me with this timely passage–  Just as you do not know the path of the wind and how bones are formed in the womb of the pregnant woman, so you do not know the activity of God who makes all things. 

family photo shoot manila

And this is how we continue to trust in God’s faithfulness and goodness. Just as our children hold our hands as we venture into unfamiliar ground, Albert and I are also leaning and holding on God’s Word and character as we embark on the parenthood journey a third time around.

family photoshoot manila

In just a few days, our family will go from fantastic four to a party of five! We’re so ready for you shoti, see you soon!

family photo shoot manila



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