Binspired: Lavender Cottage, Taiwan

I kind of regret not bringing the kids with us to Taiwan because of the Lavender Cottage. Out of all the places we visited in Taipei and Taichung, the Lavender Cottage would have been a treat for Mati and Hannah. It’s an inspiring business worth taking notice, especially if you are in the tourism industry.

When you visit a place like  Lavender Cottage, you’d expect everything to be lavender this and lavender that. True enough, they sell lavender lotion, lavender shampoo, lavender perfume, lavender-themed trinkets, etc. etc.

But this place goes beyond blindly infusing everything and gives you the lavender EXPERIENCE. This isn’t just the usual tourist trap where you come in, take a few photos, buy themed merchandise, then go home. The Lavender Cottage displays awesome heart and marketing savvy by weaving amazing and memorable experiences that leave you with a distinct and lasting impression.


An assortment of pencils, markers and washi tapes ready for letter writing!

I’m a sucker for love letters, and I stayed the longest at Dream Dancer’s Memory cottage.

The lavender cottage leveled up the postcard-writing game as each postcard bought gives you the chance to:

1) write a letter

2) send it ANYWHERE around the world (postage is included in the price), and most uniquely,

and 3) send it ANYTIME you wish, even until 10 years from now.

Albert and I wrote a short postcard to our kids, sharing what we were doing in our trip, and some of our observations about them in their tender age (Mati is 2, Hannah is 8 months). It was a nice and quiet time to reflect and thank Christ for our family.


I love how warm and homey this place felt!


We decided to drop the postcard in the 2028 bin, 10 years from now.

Albert said, “Hey, we should bring our kids here after they get their postcard, so they can see where we wrote it.” Haha advanced travel plans 10 years from now.

But great emo play, Lavender Cottage. You left us with good vibes at the onset.


Carousel was just a bit of a walk up, easy peasy for every age

As my husband was happily munching on his lavender ice cream, I explored a bit and found a lavender field with a carousel spinning merrily.

It was a quaint and touching image, as the only carousels I’ve seen are usually at malls (is there still one at Shangri-La mall?), or at super-crowded fairs or plazas.

Kids won’t appreciate lavender-this and lavender-that, but riding a carousel gives them something fun to do, while giving grown-ups a rest. I already exhausted my inner kid going down the slide at the Red Dot Hotel, but this would have certainly been an Instagram-worthy image.


The origin story of Lavender Cottage was that it was started by two girl friends who wanted to leave the hectic city life. They bought a field and planted lavenders.

You can judge a good business by the care and cleanliness put in bathrooms, no kidding.


I mentioned to my husband that just by going to the bathroom, I knew the place was owned by girls. Everything was clean, well-thought of, and then some. They even had a family washroom with cute characters, and a small window to see nature while you’re heading to nature’s call.

The paths are hilly (it’s really Lavender Hill than Lavender Cottage), but a stroller would make for a pleasant walk with your kids. Again, semi-regretting not bringing the kids along for this trip.


The Lavender Cottage is as charming as it is clever. I love how smart they were in their ticket sales. Each ticket costs 100NTD, but they give you two 50 NTD coupons in exchange. There point being, they want you, the visitor, to engage and be an active participant in the Lavender Cottage instead of a photo-taking bystander. For the price of your admission, you can buy some lavender ice cream, postcards, or a carousel ride.  It’s a great place to go to with kids and make some core memories.

It’s a great place to include in your travel itinerary, and definitely a great business model to take a page from.

We’ll be back for sure, and maybe sooner than 2028.













4 Replies to “Binspired: Lavender Cottage, Taiwan”

  1. Great info, Angeli. We will definitely visit if we go to Taiwan. And I’m always a sucker for lavender ice cream. ?

  2. What can I say except that the santillans said it all. They magically transform the cosmopolitan Taiwan into a fun loving yet serene place to spend time alone or with family. I can almost see the abundance of lavender flowers waiting for my first visit. Lavender Cottage, you are now in my bucket list. My bucket list is now covered with lavender flowers.

  3. Sheena Gonzales says: Reply

    Awww I love that you wrote postcards for Mati and Hannah!! I wasn’t able to do that when I was there but I would also definitely wanna go back. I’m bringing Luke and Dylan next time with me! Hehe.

  4. What a unique business! They leveraged their surroundings and used it as a platform for other experiences. I love businesses that let you personalize your experience

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