Plaza Premium Lounge: A Must for Traveling With Toddlers & Babies (Kuala Lumpur)

klia premium plaza lounge main

Albert and I have been customers of Plaza Premium Lounge during our previous travels. Our recent experience at Plaza Premium Lounge at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport was especially comfortable and enjoyable for our whole family!

Traveling with three kids under 4 years old, it gets a bit tiring and stressful just idling near the boarding gate waiting for announcements. There are actually four Plaza Premium Lounges in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, so you don’t have to walk too far to find one near your departure gate.

klia premium plaza lounge main
This is the main lounge area where you can watch TV, read, and just relax while waiting for your flight.

I would definitely recommend trying the Plaza Premium Lounge if you’re traveling with young kids for these reasons:

1. Space & Privacy

Plaza Premium Lounge lives up to its name, as travelers can relax and lounge around with its wide open spaces. The seats are near enough to talk to each other but there’s enough personal space that you don’t elbow your neighbor.

I love the lighting too! Lots of natural sunlight, while still being cozy. I can easily compare this to pay-per-use Manila-based lounges. Plaza Premium Lounge easily outshines in space, comfort and cleanliness.

And did I mention this place was spotless? For a mom with three young kids, I always get a bit tense going to airports (hello, germs from around the world!), so going to a private lounge minimizes the chances they’ll get exposed to more viruses or sickness.

Another view of the main lounge area taken from the back of the lounge

Apart from the main area are bar stool setup under softly-lit chandeliers for a more intimate, personal vibe. I especially enjoyed the seats at the back, which were extra large and isolated, allowing me to put Paul down for a nap easily. Imagine, it was peak December season but there were only a few people at the lounge.

2. Variety and Choice

plaza premium croissant

Our flight from Kuala Lumpur to Manila was at an “alanganin” time . We only had time to grab a few pastries at our hotel’s breakfast buffet before heading to the airport, so this was our real breakfast of the day.

Freshly brewed coffee, tea, and hot chocolate anyone? I tried the Cafe Latte and Hot Chocolate and both were yummy! Not too sweet! (My pet peeve when ordering drinks.)

Mati especially enjoyed the freshly-prepared noodle soup to warm up his tummy. He didn’t want to share hehe.

I also had my own bowl, and was able to leisurely read the local paper while waiting for our flight. Albert finished his meal first, so he monitored the TV screen to see if it was boarding time.

And this breakfast segued to lunch with some pasta, veggies, and local-brand juice for me. A light but tasty meal before we fly home!

3. Is Plaza Premium Lounge Affordable?

Plaza Premium Lounge looks super posh and can look intimidating. But it’s actually very reasonable, or free! The standard rate is usually at 178 MYR for 2-hour use. BUT they have a lot of credit card tie ups that offer free access, so best to inquire in advance, or check out their tie-ups at the door, since promo periods vary.


Rewards Program

If you’re a frequent traveler, you can also join their loyalty program called Smart Traveller by downloading the app at the Google Play store or Apple App store for free. I joined this program because Albert and I are hoping to travel more as the kids get older. By the way, there are a lot of apps called “Smart Traveller” so look for this icon:

logo smart traveller app

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