B.Inspired: Red Dot Hotel, Taichung, Taiwan

[Inspiration is everywhere, just waiting to be noticed, processed, and articulated. B.Inspired is about inspirational businesses that I have experienced and enjoyed!  They are products or services that leave me with amazement and admiration, with a resolve to apply whatever learnings I gain to my own personal life or business.]

Albert and I went to Taiwan for a working holiday last month and spent a few nights in Taichung City. Taichung is a smaller city at the middle of Taiwan, (literally Tai Zhong , Zhong = middle in Mandarin). Since our favorite hotel chain hadn’t opened a location there, we picked a boutique hotel for a change and The Red Dot Hotel was simply awesome!

Red Dot Hotel, Taichung

NOT Cookie Cutter

Upon arriving, you’d notice that it’s not your typical hotel… The most notable being, that awesome 2-floor swirly slide!

red dot hotel taichung lobby

There was no real “theme” to the Red Dot, except that it was different eclectic elements – neon signs, rattan ball sofas, barber chairs that just meshed well together.

Red Dot doesn’t have fixed theme so that you can’t label or box them in. The other boutique hotels in the area clearly had their theme – sakura, airplanes, nature, etc.

Animals dressed like humans usually freak me out, but this worked in its own weird way

Thoughtful Experiences

Basement Breakfast

Honestly, if I knew beforehand that the restaurant hotel was located at the basement, I wouldn’t have chosen the Red Dot. There’s something about breakfast and sunshine that go together well.

I thought that a dark and dank basement would make breakfast unappetizing, but Red Dot pleasantly surprised me by inviting me to an urban jungle.

breakfast at Red Dot
Behind the bar blinds is a show kitchen

I didn’t notice the lack of windows until I finished (no leftovers!) my well-curated plated meal. Some may complain that there were only a few choices, but I was happy enough with my breakfast that I just did a rerun the next morning.

red dot hotel taichung breakfast
Taiwanese omelette with western favorites

Satisfying Service

Beyond great design, the service level was also comparable to 5-star level of hotels. The room was spotlessly clean, immaculate even. We told the hotel we were belatedly celebrating our wedding anniversary, and they gave us a room upgrade, top floor and super late checkout time made for a great, relaxing experience. The balloon and petals were a bit too cheesy for me, though.

red dot hotel taichung momyourownbusiness
The floral runner and headboard gave a Shanghai Tang vibe. Flower petals were a little too cheesy for me.

The Red Dot also offers value for money. We came in at peak season, but the room rate was around 100usd. For low season, their rates are as low as 30-40% off!

Quenched Camel

My husband calls me a camel when we travel because I can drink around 4-5 liters a day. This was the first hotel in all spectrums (from luxury to budget) we’ve ever stayed at that had a cache of bottled water (discreetly tucked) readily available for guests to get at their pleasure. No need to ask permission. I felt like I was in camel heaven.

My stash of bottled water near the right post and behind the receptionist’s laptop

I don’t know if the hotel did this on purpose to please guests or just to save on manpower, but it’s a definite plus in my book! The small touches that may require a little effort can go a long way.

Business Takeaways

In Business to Consumer (B to C)  environment, there’s a lot of competition and you HAVE to stand out if you want to draw people in. That being said, if you’re setting up your store, you might be tempted to scrimp on the construction or renovation of your place. Don’t.


Now more than ever, I appreciate the thought and investment poured into creating your brand’s identity and matching that with decor, ambiance, and experience. Treat it as a lasting investment. There’s a saying that don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but you can often judge a hotel by it’s lobby (or homepage photos).

When you can’t beat the big players in scale, grandeur, or size, you get customer’s attention by taking on a new identity – quirky but not too weird, different but still familiar.

my usually reserved husband was up for giving the slide a go! (He went once lang hehe!)


That dark, windowless basement restaurant reminds me not to get discouraged with limitations in a situation, but make the best of it. In business, you can expect that things will never go your way. Treat your “basements” as an opportunity to be creative and set yourself apart from the competition.

Hotels are such a service-oriented and personal business, one staff member’s performance, whether visible or invisible, can brighten or ruin a guest’s entire experience and cast a lasting impression.  In this case, it was a net positive for us!




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  1. Sheena Gonzales says: Reply

    This hotel looks amazing! I’d love to go on that slide. I love that there’s not a one specific theme but it’s just eclectic all around. And great tips about branding!

  2. Fellow camel here… two toes up for this awesome looking establishment!

  3. I want to try that slide! This is such a refreshing read with a business perspective.

  4. Great advice on carefully considering branding and investing a little extra on touches that make your product stand out. People are paying for experience and memories. If your product isn’t Instagram worthy, it doesn’t exist.

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