Sweet Escape Highlights: A Magical Family Photo Shoot at Hong Kong Disneyland

dumbo ride hong kong disneyland 2019 sweet escape

dumbo ride hong kong disneyland 2019 sweet escape

Our Disneyland Hong Kong Sweet Escape photos are here! What better way to remember our first family trip to Disneyland (without shoti, though) than with fun photos!

I wrote some general tips for Sweet Escape photo sessions last year, but here are some specific tips when booking your Sweet Escape session at Disneyland:

5 Tips When Booking Sweet Escape for HK Disneyland

Tip #1 Consider taking the 10am-12nn slot

kids fun hong kong disneyland candid photos sweet escape

The best time to take photos at Disneyland are when it opens, when crowds are thin. You get a lot more variety of shots and less unintentional photobombers as the park fills up quickly after lunch.

10am was also ideal for us since the kids are most active during the morning. Hannah and Mati still take afternoon naps, and we weren’t confident in taking an afternoon slot for the shoot, since they wake up groggy and can be a bit cranky at times.

tomorrowland hong kong disneyland sweet escape

But of course, you know your kids best so book a time when they are at their happiest and most cooperative moods!

Tip# 2 Get a two-hour session if you’ll be there for two days.

I highly recommend getting a one-hour session if you have one day park pass, or a two-hour session if you have a 2-day pass. We booked our two-hour Sweet Escape session on our second day so that they will be more familiarized with the park already. You can save on park admission tickets when purchasing from KKDay.

A two-hour session also allows you to visit more areas. In our case, we were able to have photos at Main Street, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Toy Story Land, and some parts of Adventureland at a relaxed pace.

For a one-hour shoot, I recommend Main Street, Fantasy Land and Toy Story Land as the best places to have your photos taken. Remember, it’s not about the quantity of places visited, but the quality of the photos!

Tip #3 Request for a photographer with a year-round Disneyland pass

Our Sweet Escape photographer Harris has his own Disney annual pass (Gold , weekends included but no special holidays), so we saved on the cost of his park ticket! I love how he took this photo of Mati while we were fixing Hannah’s Woody outfit!

By the way, it takes a while to have the request arranged for a specific photographer, but worth the savings in my opinion. Based on my experience, it’s best to e-mail Sweet Escape and indicate your date and time preference as well as the venue (Hong Kong Disneyland and ask for Harris or if they have other photographers with a Magic Access pass. Wait for their confirmation before making a booking via the Sweet Escape app.

Tip #4 Take the standard “Definitely Disney” shots

It’s great to have a mix of candid and posed shots. Don’t forget to have photos taken near the Disney entrance and in front of your kids’ favorite rides! Too bad Sleeping Beauty’s castle is “undergoing transformation”, so we didn’t have a photo taken there.

winnie the pooh hk disneyland

Tip #5 Ride!

Taking rides in between serves two purposes – first to have a break, and secondly, more photos! When the kids were getting a bit impatient, we took a break and went on the Small World ride while Harris checked on our photos so far. It was an exceptionally warm day, so the air conditioning at Small World was a welcome respite. We were blessed that there were practically no queues so lining up didn’t eat up our two-hour time frame.

carousel sweet escape disneyland hong kong

Harris rode with us at the carousel so he could take close up photos.

I especially loved our shots at the Dumbo attraction!

dumbo ride sweet escape hong kong disneyland

Albert is by default a serious guy, so it was nice to see him grin widely and enjoy the ride with Mati!

dumbo father son sweet escape disneyland hong kong

Bonus!  Costumes or Regular Clothes?

I was going back-and-forth on whether to let the kids wear costumes the entire time. Sweet Escape has a special messaging function once you’ve booked your shoot, so I asked Harris what would be better – regular clothes or costumes? And he wisely replied – just as long as they are comfy!

So we wore regular clothes for the most part, then changed the kids to their Woody & Buzz outfits for Toy Story Land. (Cotton rompers and pj’s for the win!)

toy story land family walking

Depending on time of year, check the weather to see if your kid can go full gear Darth Vader or Disney princess with wig, or go for lighter, fuss-free costumes.

There You Have It!

dumbo elephant ride disney photo family

If you’re planning on going to Disneyland, it’s worth considering booking a photo session! You can check their official website for promotions, and use my code for a $25 discount on your booking.

Hope you found this post helpful! 🙂

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  1. Hi Can u send me details of your photographer Harris? We are going to Disneyland this Feb 1 and we want to shoot my girl’s pre-Birthday shoot there.

  2. OMG Your photos are amazing! Looks like you and your fam had so much fun! I had session with SweetEscape and Harris as well before and he’s amazing! I wish I had time to take photos in Disneyland 😀

    But if I might add from my sweet escape experience before, requesting a photographer is actually not an option because they will assign photographer who has same schedule with our session. But seeing their feed on Instagram, it seems like all photographers in Sweet escape are good!

    1. Angeli Santillan says:

      Hi Lisa! Thanks so much! 🙂
      Yes, Harris was awesome! Agree with you, all the Sweet Escape photographers are really good! We also had a shoot last year with Sophia in HK and she was great too! 🙂

  3. Hi! May I know as to who was your contact person in Sweet Escape in arranging photo session with Harris? I emailed them today to arrange a session with a photographer with an Annual Pass, but they said that this isn’t allowed anymore. 😕

    1. Angeli Santillan says:

      Hi Karen! I sent you an email! Hope it helps! 🙂

  4. These are very nice photos! 🙂 thank you for sharing about your experiences

  5. Very talented photographer! Love the photos ❤️

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