5 Helpful Tips for Your Own Sweet Escape (Hong Kong)

Sweet Escape is a wonderful travel photography service that connects you to professional photographers while you are traveling. We recently tried Sweet Escape for our first family trip abroad in Hong Kong!

Here are some of our favourite photos and tips if you’re consider booking with them:

1. Choose Open Spaces

sweet escape hong kong kids inspiration lake

Our photographer for the day, Sophia, remarked how unique our location choice was, as clients usually pick the impressive Hong Kong skyline, or more “local” locations like Sheung Wan.

sweet escape hong kong photographer

We purposely chose Inspiration Lake near Hong Kong Disneyland because it was distinctively “us”. Our family loves nature and we love seeing the kids play and have fun outdoors.  I was also concerned with the pollution level in Hong Kong, as both kids were fighting off a virus. Going to a more crowded part of town would expose them to more smoke and dust.


sweet escape hong kong mother child

Inspiration Lake was only a short taxi ride away from our hotel, so the kids came with more energy and excitement for the shoot. We’ve had experiences before where Mati and Hannah were their cheeriest and giggliest selves in the car, but a long ride would wear them down.


Also, I thought about Hannah! She can’t walk by herself yet, and I didn’t want all her photos to be of us carrying her. If we took her to a busy street or tourist spot, maybe we wouldn’t have as much variety of shots with a baby.

sweet escape hong kong children

Inspiration Lake had a short boardwalk that let her and Mati play and crawl around, which looked clean enough for them to crawl and play in and get cute candid shots. We washed their hands after that photo set to be sure, of course!

2. Backups

sweet escape hong kong scenery
Since we pre-booked the date and time of our shoot, our photographer suggested we have an indoor backup location in case it rained. There was a signal # 3 storm warning the day before our shoot, so we prayed that the storm signal would clear up the next day! By God’s grace, the weather was perfect!

sweet escape hong kong father baby

We also brought backup outfits for the kids, because kids will be kids! During the first two days of our trip, we already had two vomit and one leaking diaper episode. We didn’t get to use the backup outfits, but it was good to be prepared nonetheless.

3.  Attire, Props (?)

sweet escape hong kong outfit
Speaking of outfits, we just stuck to pastel shades. Fewer colors make the photos more unified and less distracting. Haha, Albert has a “suki”  photoshoot top already – he’s worn that light blue polo already for two previous shoots.. and no one has noticed! (Guys have it so easy!)

We forgot to bring bubbles for the shoot, but it wasn’t a big deal since Inspiration Lake was already a great charmer on its own. That’s the great thing about Sweet Escape, the place and atmosphere in itself are already more than enough.

4. Take Breaks

sweet escape hong kong kids milestone

Each Sweet Escape session is two hours long, you can choose blocks between 8-10am, until 8-10pm. A two-hour shoot is more than enough time for kids to take a break in between.  We booked ours at 10am, and halfway through, Mati and Hannah were already feeling restless.

hong kong inspiration lake sweet escape
Mati and Hannah had some snacks and milk to recharge, while everyone else took a break. This was also a good time for Sophia to review our photos and think of new places to shoot. The kids came back cheerful and refreshed.

5. Discounts?

sweet escape hong kong kids smiling
A Sweet Escape session costs between $250-$500 USD for 40 photos. Additional photos are $10 each, and they also offer bundles like 25 shots for an additional $100 or the entire set for  an additional $200.

Since Sweet Escape is still relatively new, they have a lot of tie ups with credit card companies like BPI, Citibank, or Chinabank. They also have a referral program where clicking on a referral link  gives you $25 off, as well as the referrer (me!) $25 off too for future purchases.

Is Sweet Escape Worth It?

Albert and I joked that Sweet Escape saved our marriage from another petty “Why did you take an ugly photo? I look so fat!” argument.

sweet escape hong kong location

Truthfully, there are probably two ways to look at Sweet Escape. One as an unnecessary luho (expense), and the other as a great investment. I’m not a frivolous spender, but I know what experiences and memories are worth — they’re priceless.

sweet escape hong kong family

There are a lot of people who have a great eye for photography and do wonders with a tripod. I’m not one of them… and neither is Albert. Haha.

Though I work from home and am with the kids most of the day, they grow up so quickly! Vacations are special times for us to bond and grow us a family. For us, Sweet Escape is a great service that we’re excited to book for our next vacation.

sweet escape hong kong kids baby

sweet escape hong kong kids


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  1. Wow! Great photos and tips! Will think about this on our next family trip.

    1. Angeli Santillan says:

      Thanks so much Melissa! 🙂

  2. Great Idea! My sister is coming home next year from Canada and we should start planning on our family photo shoot! Truly, good investment! =)

  3. The photos look magical!

    1. Angeli Santillan says:

      Thanks Anne!!! 🙂

  4. Such great pictures! What a difference between cellphone pics and professionally taken photos! Wouldn’t have considered paying for this device before.

    1. Angeli Santillan says:

      So true! You won’t know the difference til you try!

  5. Sheena Gonzales says: Reply

    LOVE THE PHOTOS!!! Thanks for sharing those tips!! Photos are always a good investment!

    1. Angeli Santillan says:

      Thanks Sheena! I know righttt! Photos are forever! Can’t wait to make a photobook out of these photos! 🙂

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